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Table of Contents by Chronological Order (newest first) This Site Incarnation. Text essays.

78. Donald Trump Raids the Treasury Over and Over. An unrolled Tweet Thread about the Emoluments Clauses. (There are two.)

77. An Alternative Constitution A proposed new Constitution for the United States of America.

76. Through the Looking Glass into 2017

75. Talking with Republicans 

74: Retarded: The Euphemism Treadmill
Thoughts on using the least among us as insults.

73. Open Letter to Never-Trump Republicans
I ask you to choose: Party of Lincoln? Or Party of Reagan / Trump? They are not the same.

72. 1300 Lies
An unrolled Tweet thread, courtesy of the good folks at

71. Real People
A request that we keep in mind that an economy exists for people, people do not exist for an economy.

70. To Keep and Bear Arms
A proposal for a Well Regulated Militia as described within the Constitution, to serve the needs of the nation.

69. Second Amendment in Constitutional Context
The base Constitution specifically defines the meaning of the “Well regulated Militia” referenced in the Second Amendment. Constitutional text with explanation.

68. Four out of Five
Four out of Five Americans hate their government. The Democratic Party cannot succeed in this environment. Suggestions.

67. Let’s Make Some Laws
Some discussion of the legislative process, with recommendations for specific legislation.

66. What Democrats Believe
Based on my personal opinion and observations. An idealized version, perhaps.

65. This Can’t Be Happening
A bewildered look at what passes for political conversation in the United States.

64. Republican Platform Debunked
quick read <350 words

63. Systems

62. The View From Here, Late August, 2017

61: A Well Regulated Militia

60: Negative Campaigning: The Death of Democracy

59: Third Parties and Independents

58: Hating America the Republican Way

57B: Government Tasks and Actions

57: One Honest Republican

56: Spending Strike

55: Black and White
An apolitical essay about the skunks that live under my chicken house in my back yard. I wrote it before the disaster befell our republic and narrowed my focus. It’s just for fun; I hope you find it relaxing.

54: My America

53: No Package Deals – Why?

52: Western Education is Forbidden

51: Dodging Bullets

50: Democratic Campaigning 2018 / 2020

49: Congressional Dereliction of Duty

48: His Call for Hillary’s Assassination

47: Democratic Campaigning 2

46: Addressing Global Warming

45: Plutocracy – Oligarchy

44: Democratic Campaigning 1

43: Communication

42: A Call for a Liberal Media

41: Constitution, Why and What

40: Dear President Trump

39: Impeachment Call, Short Version

38: The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and Elections

37: Work and Mortality

36: The Machinery of Government

35: Republic

34: If You Needed A War

33: Thank You For Your Service

32: O’Jeffy Care

31: Heat Engines

30: The Free Press Isn’t

29: Broken Century, Broken Reasoning

28: A Boomer Weapon has been retitled to Spending Strike and amended. It is now listed at 56 above.

27: All Weather is Global Warming Weather

26: Talking and Doing

25: Toward a Working Democratic Message

24: Crooks Like Trump

23: Pobody’s Nerfect

22: Objective Reporting

21: Fork in the Road

20: The Man Who Started It

19: Ungoverned State

18: Media Recommendations for #TheResistance

17: Recommendations

16: Global Warming Ice Part 2

15: My Credentials

14: Two Stick Ice

13: Coup 2016: The Players

12: Coup, Past Tense

11: What Is The United States?

10: Rational Transportation

9: The Dangerous Topic of DNA

8: The Electoral College, History and Purpose
his version written between the election on Nov. 8th and the Electoral College vote. I will have more to say on this topic in future essays.)

7: No Double Dipping Presidents Allowed

6: War Then and Now

5: A Repairman Looks At Weather

4: A Conservative Person

3: The Annotated Constitution

2: I Love the Poorly Educated

1: Starting Where We Are

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