Coup 2016: The Players

Preface: It is my opinion that units of the United States Republican Party have staged a coup, stripping the President of his powers while leaving him physically in place. It appears that they have also engaged the assistance of Russia and American TV to defeat the election process and install their party over all branches of government. The coup has installed a one-party kleptocracy as seen in Mexico, Russia, and other large impoverished nations. For details see:

So if there was a coup, who is involved? We can’t be certain. Historians may debate this for centuries. Mitch McConnell is an obvious major player. He could easily be the leader.

At most of the turning points we see Mitch McConnell speaking. Many of his words were spoken to justify the actions he took. I doubt he would put himself out there like that for another person’s benefit.

I would think it would be impossible for McConnell to do what he has done without the knowing cooperation of Orrin Hatch, senior senator and Senate President Pro Tem.  Hatch has been another vocal supporter of stripping the power to appoint justices from President Obama. Since this is a central act in the coup, he must be involved.

Paul Ryan is obviously a central figure, but he has that crazy-eyed aura of zealot about him and there’s no telling what he might do. He is, in his own way, a Trotskyesque figure. True believers don’t all die of old age.

I am sure others who watch the day-to-day machinations more closely than I do could add names. Cruz is a spiritual brother to the coup, and is likely to benefit from it, but I wouldn’t bet they could stand to be around him. I doubt he’s in the inner circle.

As I have said before, if they didn’t leave Lindsey Graham out of the loop he is earning an Oscar right now. He appears to still think the Republicans are participating in the old American Government he got elected to. I don’t believe that they are. They aren’t even pretending to.

6/15/2017: I take back all the nice things I said about Lindsey Graham. Turned out he was earning an Oscar.

Jason Chaffetz has got to be in on it. Trey Gowdy. Probably at least some members of their relative committees. Turning the power of the House of Representatives into a full time televised extravaganza of electioneering and campaigning against a Presidential candidate has got to be worth something in the new world. It wasn’t a coincidence.

Is Pence in on it? How did the ruling Republicans manage to hang Pence onto Trump? Wild card.

There can be little doubt that James Comey is in on it. Having the cops on your side is handy in any criminal endeavor. Like Ryan, he reeks of zealot. It is educational to watch him squirm when forced to admit that, if Secretary Clinton were an expert on Classified documents, she would have known that none of the documents he criticized her publicly for having were classified. He didn’t respond, Right, she would have known they were not classified. He didn’t respond, Yes, or Correct. He hid behind “That would be a reasonable inference.” And he never told the public that it would have been a reasonable inference either. This event was never shown on television that I can find. You can watch it below, takes about a minute. This clip is lovingly lifted (unedited) from C-Span’s recorded Congressional hearings, the very same hearings that somehow led to Director Comey writing, 11 days before the election, his famed letter about more Hillary emails to investigate, He’s in it. I wonder if he’s also in over his 6’8″ altar-boy head.

6/15/2017 OK, I was wrong about Comey.

I’m assuming they see themselves as the New Founding Fathers, many of them at least, saving America from the flaws of lesser persons, the Weaker Sex,  and members of lesser races. They claim also to believe that the United States was founded as a Christian Nation and that the separation of church from state really isn’t written into the Constitution, that’s just activist judges reading it there. Saving the Nation Body and Soul.

The original Founding Fathers numbered between 55 and 90 men, typically, throughout the meetings leading up to the war of independence and over the decade from then until the writing of the Constitution. They were able to hold a committee of that size together for over a decade and run a long plan, yes, a conspiracy, to throw off the chains of an existing government. I believe that it is happening again. I disagree with the current group’s reasoning.

There also have to be funders. I feel confident that the Koch brothers are involved. They are at least the second generation in their family to publicly denigrate and despise the ideals of the Enlightenment on which this country was founded. Sheldon Adelson, too, and – oh, you know, that usual lot of billionaires who own the country. Most of them aren’t shy. Their names are in the papers frequently. They are the societal equivalent of great white sharks: they don’t need to be protected from themselves, so they don’t see why we should be protected from them either.

A bloodless coup is not possible without a good propaganda machine. A bloodless coup works on the same principle as a magician on stage: you’ve got to distract the watching eye. You’ve got to get at least a significant number of people on your side. Imagine what coup planners could do if they had a multi-billionaire media mogul move into the country because his home country had single payer health care and all those horrible things? Oh, gee, look! There’s Rupert Murdoch and Fox News! What a handy coincidence!

Murdoch knew how to get viewers to his TV station: Tits. Babes. Short skirts. Cleavage. Pretty young faces. Pretty soon every lonely guy in the country has Fox News on all day. He doesn’t even know he’s hearing the words, he’s just admiring the scenery, but.. he hears them. And he starts to believe them. If those tits think Obama is a crook, Obama must be a crook. If she’s got a really important point to sell she can lean forward on the couch, expand the cleavage and let her skirt slide up a couple inches, and… it’s the Voice of God.

And if there is one thing American capitalists know how to do it’s imitate a money making idea. Little Fox Newses tell Americans everything they know today.

And into the midst of all this, more or less at the last minute, straight from America’s television screen comes Donald John Oh My God You’ve Got To Be Kidding Trump. And his children and pet weasels. And his own pet Ur-Murdoch, America’s answer to Joseph Goebbels, Stephen Bannon.

Trump’s pet weasels are lifelong Republican operatives to the core. Manafort. Stone. All of them. They are the rats burrowed into the very core of Nixonian self-righteous Republicanism, some of them there since the days of Ronald or before. And they have been, to a man, in and out of the Moscow – Kiev – Eastern Europe – Middle East – Asia big money axis. These are not your civilized Democratic Western Europe London – Paris – Berlin – Davos elite billionaires. These are scrappers. They have spent their lives in tough neighborhoods. They are not strangers in some strange land. When these people negotiate with Vladimir Putin they are traveling in their natural habitat, just surely as I am when out walking in the clear frozen air of a North Missouri prairie winter or buying auto parts from the O’dell brothers in their store just off the square in Richmond. Trump didn’t invent them, he’s just their current employer: they are all lifetime Republican operatives. They are very dangerous people. They have chosen him.

Many of Trump’s particular pet weasels are also generals. Military men. People with names like Mad Dog and Flynn. The exact same class of professional soldier from whom sprang Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and Abdul Fattah el-Sisi.

The Trump team didn’t get here until after the original coup. Could they smell blood in the water? Maybe.

It is an interesting mix, both those on the front lines and the ones in the shadows, those we know and those we have never heard of. I suspect that, if the American people don’t somehow manage to reverse this, before the dust settles there will be some brutal, although possibly invisible, power struggles. I hope we don’t reach the Polonium stage.

We could.

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10 thoughts on “Coup 2016: The Players”

  1. U have stated what I’ve seen unfolding, yet few r capable of letting this tragedy enter deep into their consciousness. Write a book, get an agent, get on MSNBC, do a podcast, anything 2 scream out what has & still is unfolding.

    1. Thanks. All I have is this site, All the essays can be found under the category menus (on the left on Chrome / PC)

      I won’t bother you with the whole story here. Much of it is on the site or on my YouTube channel, JeffMcFaddenMusic. I don’t have a url for that; not enough followers to get one yet. But anyway – I’m limited. Some things I can do, some I can’t.

      This site is my book. I am still writing it; I publish it one essay at a time. It is free. No subscriptions, no ads, few limitations. I do own them, but the purpose is to try to save my country. If the country lives, I’ll be ok, because I’m a 100% disabled veteran and my disability covers my modest needs. If they country dies, well…

      What I’m doing here is what I’m going to do. I would be thrilled if somebody with more connections and gumption would get some of them published, or whatever it took to get them wider coverage.

      This is why I joined Twitter – to hawk my work.

      I am thinking about doing a podcast. You’ll see on the YouTube channel. Here’s a representative work: But I still won’t have the whatever-it-takes to get it widespread exposure. If it happens, it happens.


  2. I was impressed to the core after reading your remarkable essay The Coup Past Tense, now I am just blown away by The Players and the fact that your have revised where you think you may have been off the mark (just fuels you credibility in my eyes). I can not spread the wordof these essays quickly enough. Your writing makes this very complex and layered situation understandable for those of us who are feeling like we know something is way off but are not sure what happened…..

    1. Thank you. I am always uncertain about editing existing works, but in this case I thought it important. Some others I know I could improve or clarify, but I feel an artist’s urge to leave the day’s creation to stand or fall on its own merits.

  3. You can self publish with and I think Amazon also has a way to .pdf/self publish and sell ebooks via their platform.

    America needs to read your essays. This is the best job of laying out the truth in a comprehensive, cohesive manner, that I have seen.

    My heart breaks for this nation, and the last years of my own life. What should have been good days, are sure to be much less than good, as the coup’s agenda unfolds over all of us.

    And this is a hostile takeover, a coup, in every sense. We’ve been gamed.

    I see no way out. Congress slams the door in the face of citizens. Lies, propaganda, bribes, blackmail abounds on The Hill. The rich expand and the poor can only sit and stare, dumbfounded. McConnell is squarely to blame, and his minions are legion.

    We are collectively in over our heads and, perhaps, this is what Jefferson would say we deserve, for letting the fox guard the henhouse for several decades.

    Thank you for writing this down. At least I know that I am not singularly going crazy. Please continue to write. I will do what I can to pring readers to your page.

    1. I’m not certain that self publishing, on paper, would be of any value. I might self-publish as a Kindle book, but I’m not sure. I churn out an essay or two most weeks, and a book, once published, is typically static.

      So I put these before the Universe to do with as it will.

  4. I did some research on the Koch boys. Their family has a long connection with Russia as their father, Frederick Koch, built an oil refinery for Stalin.

    On a personal note, I am more interested in Frederick’s building of the German oil refinery in 1937-38. Eastern Arbeiters, mostly Czech Slavs were used as slave labor.
    According to my family history, our numerous Slavic relatives were all rounded up from Bratislava very quickly and sent West. Some were supposedly sent to Germany to work on an oil project. They were never heard from after the war. The Red Cross found nothing about any of them.

    It is really upsetting to think that the Koch Boys want the power to do to us Americans what their father did to his Slavic slave labor in Russia and Germany.

  5. I just finished reading both Coup, Past Tense and Coup 2016: The Players.

    I’m chilled to the bone. You didn’t just hit the nail on the head, you welded the rivet with a blow torch…

    I’m sharing with my resistance group as well as anyone else who will listen. You have a gift and I appreciate that you care enough to share it. Please don’t stop.

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