Media Recommendations for #TheResistance

As you may know, my starting position as a Democrat today is the following:

The Democrats lost the propaganda war. The Republicans defined us to America.

As evidence I give you America’s state and federal governments.

There are many reasons, as of course there must be. Here is one of them: It costs a fortune to own a media outlet in America today. Therefore, conversely, only people with fortunes can own media outlets today.

Media, plural of medium. Medium of communication. Tool for dissemination of information. Only people with fortunes are telling you anything. Any. Thing.

If we wish to compete, Democrats must establish on online presence of video, audio, and text, of news, education, and entertainment, in heads-on competition with all existing national media, starting now.

The various media empires are said to belong to corporations. Says so right on the website. But follow the corporate chain up, and somewhere up in the stratosphere is one billionaire or billionaire family. At the top of each media corporate chain is a billionaire. These are not faceless masses; corporations are not fungi. Every major media outlet chain in America today is primarily controlled, owned or funded by one, or a family of, very rich individual human beings.

It is not a “conspiracy theory” to say that rich people have interests, objectives, and value systems in common with one another. Rich people assign a high value to money and material wealth. The richer one gets the richer all get. They don’t have to hold secret meetings.

Every word that America has heard since the Reagan Administration has been funded by the same group of rich people. The Reagan Administration turned off the Fairness Doctrine. We can’t fix that. We can’t take the TV stations away from them, or the radio, not even NPR. They own it all fair and square. We can’t take the newspapers away from them; most newspapers are wholly owned subsidiaries of the same media empires. Billionaires are not going to give people ideas that will cost billionaires money. They simply are not.

Everything that the Democratic Party needs to do for the American people will cost billionaires money.

Quit waiting for current top-level media (TV, radio, newspapers) to give you a fair shake. It ain’t happening. As evidence I offer you the state and federal governments of the United States.

The Free Press, isn’t. Not the one that everybody is looking at. We can either take our minds and our destinies away from them, or we can accept the minds and destinies they give us.

The simple reality is that humans can only think with the information that is in their minds. Most of the people in North Korea really believe that they’ve got the best deal in the world. Their access to information is carefully controlled.

So is ours. Our access to information. Billionaires control it. But there are still sneak paths around them. We have to communicate to a mass audience without the help of so-call MSM, Mainstream Media. In fact, not only without their help, we’ve got to communicate to a mass audience in spite of everything the money media can do to drown us out. This is going to be very hard. We literally need to take it to the streets, but that won’t be enough.

We cannot let television control the conversation, because Trump is right about them: They only tell the story they came to tell. Even the wild cards, serious journalists like Joy Ann Reid, are carefully balanced in the overall programming so that they can’t adversely affect the desired outcome. And the same propaganda is repeated on their programs as anywhere else. Fact checking and debunking don’t work. More on this in a moment.

I would say that all network broadcast TV, and all cable TV, should be counted out. They are not our friends no matter what they might tell us. All broadcast radio. I don’t have an opinion about satellite radio because I have not explored it. Print can be consumed carefully, but Jeff Bezos is no kin to Robin Hood. We are still getting our every word from one set of voices.

We’ve got Twitter, in a way, for now. Twitter is a mixed blessing, but I think it has some power. That is good. We also need to pour  energy and money into online video, streaming video, and streaming radio. TV – Video – isn’t going away, but there is no real reason it should be controlled by broadcast / cable owner. The box on the wall could just as well watch YouTube. The seeds have been planted & begun to grow. I won’t watch conventional TV at all, but I watched the Young Turks on and off for a while before the urge to shout at them got too great, somewhere during the Great Progressive Circular Firing Squad of 2016. I doubt that it took billions or even millions of dollars to launch The Young Turks. We can do this.

If we had an online TV network where Joy Ann Reid was the standard and not the exception, the power of her presentation would grow exponentially.

We have got break free of private line TV as soon as possible. It cannot be fixed. Quit Tweeting at them. They know.

What humans hear goes into their minds. All of it. If people pretend to be giving you “balance” then you hear all the bullshit exactly as often as you hear all the facts, simultaneously, overlapping. It all goes in. Calling the bullshit doesn’t help. The people still heard it. Kelly Anne Conway told you, face to face: when somebody asked her why she’d tell her lie knowing she would immediately be fact-check corrected, she said, “I don’t care. The voters heard it.”

Her guy is on his way to the White House. I propose we pay attention when she tells it how she does it.

A quick paraphrase of an American news program (any American news program) goes like this: “Here’s some reported fact, but here’s a guy who says it’s fake.”

“Now here’s some reported fact, and here’s a guy who says it’s fake.”

“Now here’s a supposed fact. This guy says it’s fake.”

After that you get two people yelling over each other saying opposite things, and then a car commercial.

One of the people yelling has a remarkable bosom.

Stop. I submit that a sensible plan to deal with real problems cannot be sold in that marketplace. If we participate in that market we are fools. No wonder they treat us that way.

The (designated) entertainment programming drives home the same message. There are no people like me in TV America. None. You’ve got Duck Dynasty and snoots in suits. All my friends are people like me, working class, well read, well spoken. We live modest comfortable lives. We are Democrats. We are all over the heartland of this country. Did anybody tell you that? Did you ever see one of us on TV?

All those young guys at Trump rallies: they don’t know I exist. They don’t know that pride in self and job isn’t shown by looking down your nose at somebody else. They found out what men do by watching TV. When I meet one of these young guys they usually respect me. But I confuse them. They didn’t know men like me existed. If they don’t know you exist you are, by definition, not their role model. They want to grow up to be Duck Dynasty. They think they have an actual chance to become Donald Trump.

I’ve got a better life than these poor people do. I’ve got what a young working guy wants to have when he’s old. Because of Democrats. TV won’t tell them that.

Online. We have to take to the wires.

The big problem with online is that we’re too scattered. Fragmented. I’ve got somewhere between one and five hundred regular readers. I’ve got about 1500 (right this minute) “followers” @homemadeguitars. There are tens of thousands of others just like me out here, doing their best, offering good ideas, got forty-seven readers. Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh has some astronomical number of listeners, numbers like the grains of sand on the beach. We need to work on that. People whose minds do organizing and publicizing need to work on that. But – we can’t do it on the same airwaves as Limbaugh. His owners prefer  him, and not just because he sells ads.

Perhaps we need somebody with a database mind to put together a social search engine for Democrats or people who aren’t sure what Democrats are and would like to find out. Put my site and your site and his site – I know a bunch of us have them – everybody else’s who wants to contribute to the conversation. Google For Democrats. I’m not smart enough, but somebody out there is. I’d chip in a few bucks.

The old roads are blocked. We have to move cross-country.

We’ve got our own stars. Jon Stewart might be an online radio talking head if we asked him nice, who knows. We need to get a reach like Rush Limbaugh. Do we want to hear Joy Ann Reid nationwide, two hours every morning with nobody all day to contradict her? OK, we’re going to have to steal her away from MSNBC and put her on YouTube. Or somewhere else online. Maybe a new venue. Everybody think! We can do this!

Because nobody else is going to.

Anybody got any better ideas? I’d love to hear them. We’re all in this together.

— When we get our media going here’s the message I propose

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10 thoughts on “Media Recommendations for #TheResistance”

  1. This needs to be a reality. Thank you for the article, I’ll be passing it on as often as I can! I no longer watch televised news with the exception of BBC and Al Jazeera once in a blue moon, but every day I find myself wishing for a truthful (even if the truth hurts!) unbiased source for news. All facts, all the time sort of thing. Here’s hoping people can get together and make this happen. 👍💙🇺🇸

  2. It’s a bit hard to swallow at first, but I do believe that you are correct for the most part. There are rich Democrats even a few Republicans who we may get support from (Soros, Bill Gates). Twitter has helped us. NPR & ACLU r other resources. We are a grassroots organization and there are many indivisible groups across the nation already in place. These groups can be used 4 local gov’t.

    1. I would like for you to make a little bit longer reply with more information about your group. I’m mostly alone, because of my personal issues, and so can’t spread that part of the needed information. It sounds to me like we need more info from you here.

  3. You’re absolutely right. On Twitter I see lots of people criticizing the mainstream media and exhorting them to do better, but that’s not their mission. They’re not going to change. Ugh, the “patriotism” after the US bombed Syria and Afghanistan, it was disgusting.

    There are commentators on YouTube; there could be more. (I follow Jay Smooth, for example.) The biggest gap is in straight local reporting. Media consolidation and the lust for profit on the part of the corporations that own newspapers has eviscerated newsrooms. We need more guys like the local news publisher/reporter Samantha Bee featured recently. Local reporting, maybe on a nonprofit basis, and commentators on YouTube channels.

  4. I’d like to invite you to check out the group that I am involved in. It’s headed by a woman named Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. She has a Facebook following of 20,000 and each day does a daily live pod-cast at 11 AM called Resistance Live and you can find the current and past pod-casts on her group page along with many, many interesting conversations. She is up to the minute with information and provides us with action items, phone numbers and other invaluable information. She is a non-practicing lawyer and has helped us sift through the slog and sludge that presently passes as our government. She is a light in the dark while not being pie in the sky. Her latest initiative is called RISE: An Activist/Leader Boot Camp. Registration opens tomorrow and the program begins this October.
    Elizabeth is down to earth, crazy smart and sometimes what some would call irreverent – though the f-bomb never killed anyone as far as I know. It was in a comment on the group page that I found your little corner of the world so there’s that too.

    You’ll find her on FB by searching Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin or for your surfing convenience cut, copy and paste this url to her group:

    I hope you’ll stop by to check out our efforts.

    1. I wish I could, but I can’t.

      I don’t know how long you’ve been reading me, so you might or might not know this:

      I am brain damaged and mentally ill: PTSD. To a disabling extent. I have a hole in my brain from a mortar explosion.

      I can’t do Facebook. The terms of the interaction are different than they are on Twitter or thru this site. My damaged parts leave me exposed to things that occur on Facebook in ways I am not strong enough to take. Even a positive group like the one you recommend would wind up breaking me worse than I already am.

      I used to Facebook. I left it once, decided, nah, I blew that up way too big, went back…

      Never again. There are things I simply cannot do. Facebook is one of them.

      But thank you for the invitation.

    2. I tried to reply to this message once but appear to have vanished it into the ether. If you get two copies of this, or two show up here, it’s because it happened, I guess. Anyway…

      I appreciate the invitation and approve of the work, but I will have to decline. I am not able to participate in Facebook.

      I don’t know how long you’ve been reading my stuff, but among my other characteristics I am brain damaged and mentally ill, both literally, and I simply am not able to participate in Facebook.

      I have a hole in my brain about the size of half a golf ball, above my left ear, as a result of a mortar blast in Vietnam. And I have PTSD to a disabling degree. I build walls around myself to protect me; my conditions can have very painful results. If you’d like to see the long version of that story, with music, I have it on YouTube here.

      I used to be on Facebook, but it became intolerable and I quit. Then I said to myself, Ah, you’re just making a mountain out of a molehill, and I went back.

      Nope. I can’t do Facebook. I don’t even know why, I just know I can’t.

      Please feel free to link any of my essays to your group. Feel free to suggest or discuss any of my ideas. That’s why they are out here.

      I’m able to tolerate the Twitter environment, although I block freely. The word “triggered” has become just another nasty crack, but it is an actual term that psychologists and psychiatrists use in treating people such as me. I find it ironic that these so-called “patriots” use a term most often applicable to damaged combat veterans and first responders as one of their put-downs of choice, but that is neither here nor there.

      When someone or something triggers me I do whatever is necessary to remove that thing from my world.

      So – thanks for the info, and do keep in touch. I respect the Facebook group you mention and am grateful that it exists. But I can’t be part of it.


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