Plutocracy – Oligarchy

The United States of America has been taken over by the same people who run Russia.

I used to think that meant: Russians.

The longer I watch the clearer it becomes: Not exactly Russians, although there are a lot of Russians in the bunch.  Worldwide Plutarchs and Oligarchs. Putin may be First Among Equals, but there are a lot of Americans in there too. They have no nation. Look at the news. Rex Tillerson was some kind of Hero of The Russian Federation already years ago. The Trump and Kuchner families are all over central Eurasia. Vladimir Putin chose our President. I can’t even remember which American Oligarch ran the bank on Cyprus where Russia and Exxon and all those folks trade money, but he’s in Trump’s cabinet.

They are all one international cooperative. They have taken over the United States.

It was already grim before Citizen’s United, but that was the beginning of the end.

They have taken over and they don’t care who knows it. Who are “They?” Well, I just named a couple of them, but overall, they are the top one percent of the top one percent, the ultra-billionaires of the entire world and their necessary agents, bagmen, organizers, and spies. They are Russians, Arabs, Israelis, Americans, Europeans – especially but not exclusively Eastern Europeans – and they do business with each other.

Their primary tool of conquest has been propaganda distributed by the various communications media, focused and directed through the use of data mining.

Is it organized crime? Yes. No. They are so rich the term hardly applies. If they need somebody dead somebody dies. The laws of the various nations where they live and travel are minor inconveniences to be ignored or gotten around. But they don’t think of themselves as mobsters. They’re just businessmen. They dislike the idea of government because by its very nature government puts limits on what they can take and what they can do. And they don’t tolerate limits.

Since a quick glance at human history shows government to be inevitable, the best solution for them is to take it over and cripple all its otherwise normal functions.

There is no question but what the Koch Brothers are involved, even though they haven’t been very loud lately. They’re Kansas boys; they don’t strut around like some blowhard New Yorker trying to escape Queens. They like to be left alone in the background.

One assumes Sheldon Adelson. He’s a small, quiet, international gambling magnate. Whether gambling is legal or not it attracts the same folks. The same individuals, even.

You know at least some of the agents and bagmen too. Manafort. Prince. Stone. Page. Cohen.

Mitch McConnell manages the local branch. He is Governor of the United States of America under the authority of the Plutocracy. The Trump family works for him, except they’re batshit crazy so nobody knows for sure what they might do when.

There is no pretense whatsoever that the United States government is the republic of old, meaning 1980. I mean, look at Congress. Listen to what they say, watch what they do. Then read a newspaper from 1976. Or from the middle of Watergate, say 1973. Or from the brutal early Vietnam War years, 1968, 1969, 1970. Both parties of Congress made a serious attempt to convince the voters they cared about the country. I suspect that many of them did.

There is no such pretense today. Oh, they tell a few lies, but they’re sneering at us. Refusing entirely, in advance, to seat anyone a President might nominate to the  Supreme Court for a quarter of his term? Not ever. Senators writing a bill in secret? No. Not in the United States. They are not pretending.

The Contempt the 115th Congress shows for the American People and our Constitution is mind boggling. The nation has been conquered.

Follow political reporting. Campaign reporting, It’s all about who has the most money, who collected the most money last week, last month, Everybody knows that these offices are bought and sold. Marketing experts can tell you what a vote costs and then go buy it for you. Every campaign is The Most Expensive Campaign for [this office] Ever!

Nobody ever says, How come a job that pays $174,000 a year turns some obscure high school wrestling coach into a multi-millionaire? It didn’t come out of his paycheck. And how come a multi-millionaire Congressman still has to suck up to billionaires to keep that cushy job?


  1.  government by the wealthy

  2.  a controlling class of the wealthy


  1.  government by the few The corporation is ruled by oligarchy.

  2.  a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes a military oligarchy was established in the country; also :  a group exercising such control An oligarchy ruled the nation.

  3.  an organization under oligarchic control That country is an oligarchy.

(Definitions courtesy of the good folks at

Can we force, and win, elections against the Plutocracy / Oligarchy? I don’t know.

If we do win elections, can we throw the grip of the Plutocracy / Oligarchy off our party, off the Democratic Party? I don’t know. They like Democrats less but they still keep a short leash on most of them in case they might win an election somewhere.

It’s an uphill battle, my friends. It will require plans at the “You do this, she does that,” level. Specifics. It will require, more than any one other thing, a clear, focused message put everywhere every day.  Even then it will be a hell of a battle.

You up for it?

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6 thoughts on “Plutocracy – Oligarchy”

  1. Oh my God.
    We can’t come back from this, can we?
    Even if our messages and actions worked well, will voting ever be fair(ish); enough to oust the most entrenched, infected traitors?

    1. I think so, but it may take a decade or more. And there is no guarantee.

      It took Chile about 15 years to get rid of Pinochet.

      I’m afraid it is dependent on media, on getting our message out, if we are to do it any quicker.

      1. I’m not sure where you saw that, what spot or context. I get, I guess one would say, too abstract sometimes. It is fundamentally the same as the Constitution’s definition of Congress, so in that sense it is. But it is failing to carry out its Constitutionally assigned duties, so in that sense I might have said it isn’t.

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