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To The Streets (a Tweet thread, unrolled)

It doesn’t matter what he does tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what he does today.
Anyone who doesn’t know who and what he is by now isn’t going to figure it out.

2. The only thing that could possibly help now is mass public protest on the streets in every major city of the US every day.

3. I’m not out there. Therefore, by definition, I don’t care enough to get off my ass.
This is not comforting to face. I feel shame.

4. I make excuses for myself. I’m old. I’m tired. I have other things I want to accomplish before I die. And, although my health is pretty good, simple arithmetic tells me I’ll be dying before very long.

5. Nothing is working. The Congress is, quite literally, more corrupt and more destructive than Trumpov himself. Every new fact would be enough BY ITSELF to bring down a Presidency in any halfway functioning republic.

6. We are governed by a handful of almost unimaginably rich people, who select a group of grasping, greedy, corrupt, less rich, rich people to do this Kabuki Theater show while we watch on TV or read on Twitter

7.  And we Tweet:
Did you see what he did NOW?
We Tweet, Our Institutions and Systems will save us!
They destroy said institutions and systems, and we Tweet…
Um… Yeah. I did.

8. I, personally, am guilty. Because I’m not on the streets with a sign.
I make excuses. I am *so tired.* My old body hurts.
It’s no good.
We’re done. The United States as we knew it no longer exists.
Getting rid of the Orange Buffoon won’t help.

9.  Only people. Only people ON THE STREETS.
Sitting on my raggedy ass and tweeting isn’t enough.
Somebody has to go first.
I am ashamed.
I am *so tired*
–jeff out.
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