Performance Art Videos

This page is a table of contents to my performance art / spoken word videos. I perform on lap steel guitar, cigar box slide guitar, and celtic harp, while discussing topics of interest to me. All work original, improvised, and copyright Jeff McFadden

  1. The Destruction of Meaning
    A rambling consideration of the brutal murder of language and meaning by the ruling Republican party. Lap Steel Guitar.
  2. Talking Freedom Blues
    Beginning with the dictionary definition of “freedom,” considering the blatant lies which make up the Republican definition of religious freedom.
  3. Media, Introduction and Consideration
    A two part video discussing media. A comparison between print / text and television.
  4. Politics Defined 1
    Pondering the meaning and desirability of politics.
  5. America Past & Present (with harp)
    Wide ranging, but all wrapped up in our need for a media voice of our own.
  6. The Poor Are Always With You
    Spoken word with Celtic Harp, pondering poverty. Includes chickens.
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