Following are essays suggesting tactics and reasoning for resisting the Coup and the Plutocracy. Any or all might help, or might not.

  1. To The Streets An unrolled Tweet thread, written in desperation one grim day.
  2. Recommendations The very first one, written between the Election and the Fiasco (inauguration.)
  3. Spending Strike A boycott, or better General Spending Strike, is a tool more available to most Americans than a conventional General Strike, because too many are wage slaves about one paycheck from sleeping in their cars.
  4. A Call for a Liberal Media Resisting is directly linked to available media (plural of medium) of communication. The Ayatollahs overthrew Iran using cassette tapes smuggled in from Paris. The Russians overthrew the Soviet Union using “samizdat,” photocopied essays and writing passed from hand to hand. The Anti-Vietnam War movement had “underground” radio stations. We have the internet, but we are scattered and have difficulty finding one another.
  5. Media Recommendations for the Resistance This is the longer essay from which the following is excerpted. I believe that until we get a widely accessible, findable, and shared media presence we are fighting a steep uphill battle.
  6. The Free Press Isn’t A portion (excerpt) of the foregoing essay. Although this is a Media essay, I include it here as well because any effective Resistance must deal with the fact that we are not working in an honest information environment.
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