The Constitution and Constitutional Commentary

Essays on this page are focused specifically on issues of our Constitution and in most cases have direct quotes from, and references to, Constitution Article, Section, Paragraph numbers, and Amendment numbers where relevant.

  1. The Constitution Why and What This is a nutshell version, what our Constitution is and why we have it, with summaries of the first 3 Articles and a brief description of the others. A good introduction to the next essay. 
  2. The Annotated Constitution The date in the URL for this is misleading. I originally wrote it sometime in 2014 or 2015, long before the Coup. (I have done a couple of major reshuffles on the site.) I have much less faith in our old Constitution today than I did when I wrote this. It could use a rewrite. It’s still a useful starting place. About 30K words all told.
  3. An Alternative Constitution I have concluded that our old Constitution has been “hacked”, that is to say ruthless men have bent its meaning to serve a plutocratic form of government, and it cannot be saved. It wold be nice to be wrong. Here’s how I would do it today. A broad generalization. 
  4. The Constitution, The Supreme Court, and ElectionsI believe that the clear text of the Constitution, and recent American Supreme Court precedence, give the Supreme Court jurisdiction over a stolen or internationally hacked election.
  5. The Second Amendment in Constitutional Context The name is self-explanatory.
  6. A Well Regulated Militia A longer version of the above essay, from which the above essay is excerpted.
  7. To Keep and Bear Arms This essay is not clearly a Constitution essay, but exists as a follow-up to the above two essays so I included it here.
  8. Congressional Dereliction of Duty Under our Constitution it is Congress, not the President, who is responsible for repelling invasions such as the ongoing Russian cyber warfare against the United States. Opinion supported by Constitutional reference.
  9. Donald Trump Raids the Treasury (over and over) A discussion of the specific Constitutional provision which Donald Trump violates each time he goes to one of his properties or golf courses. With references.
  10. Impeachment Call, Short Version An earlier essay on the above topic
  11. No Double Dipping Presidents Allowed Still older essay about him raiding the Treasury, this one written before he had actually begun. His whole President thing is a scam, you know.
  12. The Electoral College, History and Purpose Obsolete essay. This was written between the November election and the Electoral vote. I didn’t have much if any hope, but I decided to dip my oar in. Perhaps interesting from a historic viewpoint.
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