Winning Elections (Campaigning)

A party can only govern if it gets more votes, in more states, than any other party. Essays on this page explore topics of messaging, campaigning, and persuading voters to show up on election day and vote for Democrats.

  1. Toward a Working Democratic Message The oldest of these essays is still where I would have readers begin. Our message isn’t working. We have the right objectives but we’re not selling them right. Start here.
  2. Talking and Doing Our problem as Democrats is not the things we want to accomplish, it is our weak and fusty ways of expressing them.
  3. Four Out Of Five Four out of five Americans hate and distrust their government. It has not always been this way. No party dedicated to the proposal that government can help the people can win under these circumstances.
  4. What Democrats Believe In order to win elections we must present a clear message of who we are and why we should be chosen to govern.
  5. Negative Campaigning, the Death of Democracy I advocate that we focus on giving voters reasons to vote for us, and not participate in the widespread system of attempting to win elections by telling voters why they should not vote for the other guys.
  6. Democratic Campaigning 1 A simple, unifying message to tie all our various objectives together in a marketable package.
  7. Democratic Campaigning 2 What not to say.
  8. Democratic Campaigning 2018 / 2020 The government is broken. Republicans broke it. On purpose. Most of what makes you miserable can be traced back to the broken government. Only Democrats can fix it.
  9. Communication Another essay on what to say, what not to say, with particular concern on finding a medium to get our message out. Hint: existing media is not doing so, and it’s not an accident.
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